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House of West African Prints

At the House of West African Prints we are delighted to provide you with blissful options and ideas for a proudly West African attire.
West African prints are one of the most sought in the world. Their quality and the explosion of colours make them unbeatable and irreplaceable. For those with exquisite fashion taste, you are at the right place if you have just stumbled on our site.

African prints are not only for fashion or show. They are also the reflection of cultures, traditions, memories that we share from some of our most memorable events.
The house of West African Prints is just the place to visit if you are a lover of quality prints and delightful colours. We are happy to share with the rest of Africa and beyond, our loveable fabrics and help you make all your events more tasteful and successful.

We provide wholesale and retail services, tailor services, at exceptionally low prices and we can help you create the right environment if you are a designer, a home decorator or simply if you wish to give your loved ones a special gift.


Quality Materials

Get different types of materials from Ghana and Cote D'Ivore

Quick Deliveries

We do deliveries as per our agreeements with our clients.

Best Prices

Offering best prices in the market
Quality without breaking the bank!
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